What is Ashtanga Yoga?

The Eight Limbs of Yoga
Yama – Universal Ethics: Non-violence, Truthfulness, Non-stealing, Continence and Non-covetousness
Niyama – Personal Observances: Cleanliness, Contentment, Self Discipline, Self Study and Devotion to God
Asanas – Postures
Pranayama – Breath Control
Pratyahara – Control and Withdrawal of the Senses
Dharana – Concentration
Dhyana – Meditation
Samadhi – Union with the Divine

How do I get to the event?

The Ashtanga Yoga Confluence will be held at the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa, at 3999 Mission Boulevard San Diego CA 92109, just 15 minutes from the airport. RECEPTION 858.488.1081

When do I check in/out?

When you arrive at the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa, please stop by the Confluence registration desk in the lobby. Please bring your ID to pick up your badge and event guide, which includes complete schedules and locations. Your badge will be your admission to classes and events and you will need identification to pick up your badge.

Who may attend the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence? 

The Confluence is open to both experienced Ashtanga yoga practitioners as well as yoga students who are new to the Ashtanga practice. We offer a unique opportunity for students of all levels to learn from master teachers of this profound and ancient system. To get the most out of the classes, some experience of yoga and a basic level of fitness are recommended.

What is a Mysore style class?

This is the method Pattabhi Jois used at his Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India. Students practice independently without verbal instruction, which requires that they have the primary series committed to memory. Teachers provide hands on guidance and attention to specific needs. To participate in Mysore style classes, we ask that you have a regular ashtanga practice and be familiar with the primary series of Ashtanga yoga.

Will there be an alternative to the morning Mysore class?

Yes, there will be a led (guided) intro level or primary series class running concurrently with the morning Mysore class. The guided class will be appropriate for all levels of students with a reasonable level of fitness. Guided classes provide an opportunity to learn proper pacing, alignment cues, traditional Sanskrit terminology, etc.

What is included in my registration fees?

In addition to your classes, you have access to daily special events, panel discussions, kirtan and evening events including the Ganesh Puja and catered opening ceremony. (All special events are free unless otherwise noted.) Transportation, meals and lodging are not included in tuition fees.

What should I bring? 

Please bring a yoga mat and, although Ashtanga yoga does not generally encourage the use of props, you may bring props that you feel are necessary.  A blanket or meditation cushion is helpful in meditation or pranayama classes. You may also want to bring a notebook and pen, a refillable water bottle, slip-on shoes (or flip flops) and of course, comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Will there be water readily available to refill my water bottle?

Yes. There will be drinking water provided at the venue.

What is your cancellation policy? If you would like to request a cancellation or refund, please use the registration confirmation you receive via email when you register for the event which contains your confirmation number and click the link provided to access your registration. Once on the registration summary page, click the Unregister button at the top of the page. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your cancellation; keep this confirmation of your cancellation. Cancellations received on or before February 15, 2018 will be issued a 50% refund. All cancellations must acknowledge an understanding of the refund policy. No refunds will be issued for canceling after February 15, 2018. Please take this into consideration when registering for the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence.

Where to have meals?

There are restaurants on the premises that will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner offering healthy menu selections for this event. There are also a variety of restaurants nearby accessible by affordable Uber or cab rides.

Oceana Coastal Kitchen
3999 Mission Boulevard
San Diego CA 92109

Moray’s on Mission Bay

3999 Mission Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92109

World Famous

711 Pacific Beach Drive
San Diego, CA 92109

The Mission Cafe

3795 Mission Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92109


4343 Mission Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92109