Save the Date: March 3-6, 2016

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Pre-Registration Price: $525
Requires staying at the Catamaran Resort and registering before General Registration.
Cancellation of room reservation automatically cancels event registration.

OCTOBER 1, 2015
General Registration Price: $575
Opens after Pre-Registration.

Please Note: Cancellation Policy – All cancellation and refund requests must be made in writing via email to You will receive an email confirming receipt of your cancellation; keep this confirmation of your cancellation. Cancellations received on or before February 18, 2016 will be issued a 50% refund. All cancellations must acknowledge an understanding of the refund policy. No refunds will be issued for canceling after February 18, 2016. Please take this into consideration when registering for the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence.

Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis, however a wait list will be provided. Payment in full must accompany registration. Enrollment is limited. Pre-registration is highly recommended.

Day Passes
Within a month of the event, if it is not sold out, Day Passes may become available.

*con·flu·ence [kon-floo-uhns] noun: A flowing together of two or more streams. An act or process of merging. A coming together of people or things.